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Mobile App Security Testing Features

Comprehensive security analysis

Security verification and validation covers all major control categories and identifies today's most prevalent and critical vulnerabilities found in the OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25.

Android, iOS, and hybrid support

Identify mobile app security issues on the most popular and widely used mobile platforms.

Static and dynamic analysis

Verify code at rest and at run-time. Use both static and dynamic analysis to identify and assess vulnerabilities within mobile apps and their supporting infrastructure.

On-device and off-device testing

Assess both the local mobile app running on-device and the back-end web services that the mobile app communicates with off-device.

Continuous security evaluation

Perform on-going assessments as new features are released and as code changes are made. The on-demand platform makes it easy to build and maintain secure mobile apps.

Advanced interactive reports

Review a breakdown of the various vulnerabilities identified. Sort vulnerabilities according to mobile app, risk, control category, and vulnerability top N lists.

Comprehensive risk rating scale

The effective and easy to understand grading system for certification and accreditation is based on Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) 2.0 and Microsoft DREAD.

Simple, easy-to-use workflows

User workflows benefit from intuitive interface layouts and advanced vulnerability management features.

Built by leading security experts

We're a team of mobile builders and breakers who continue to deliver innovative new security tools. Our roadmap includes Xcode, IntelliJ, and JIRA export plugins.

Verification and validation of major security controls: build management, configuration management, authentication, authorization, session and token management, data validation, data confidentiality, error and exception handling, and auditing and logging.

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We created free mobile app testing packages for both iOS and Android platforms. Our free iOS package is limited to checking if your apps have ARC, PIE, and stack protection enabled. While the free Android package looks to see if you are using the latest SDK, if you lack permission hardening, and if debugging is still enabled.

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mobile security testing process

Keep pace with rapid mobile development cycles by incorporating continuous, on-demand security testing.

Find, track, and prioritize app vulnerabilities today

Identify vulnerabilities in mobile apps and prioritize remediation with a security evaluation driven by our advanced and proven on demand mobile testing platform.

OWASP top 10 list and more, way more

The annual OWASP Top 10 and the SANS Top 25 lists represents the most prevalent and critical vulnerabilities identified in mobile apps today. Experience total coverage with the Project Neptune mobile app testing platform.

Modular and extensible

Our goal is to build a plug-and-play framework that allows you to turn on and off certain modules and signature checks. Most importantly, the plug-and-play nature of the framework allows for the development and integration of new custom modules.

Faster time to market with healthier apps

The mobile app security testing platform not only yields more effective vulnerability assessments but it will help train developers of security best practices so over time developer productivity will be enhanced leading to even faster time to market with healthy apps.